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Scottish Law


Under the Marriage (Scotland) Act 1977, couples can get married ANYWHERE in Scotland as long as they have the landowner's permission (see below) and provided a religious Celebrant (such as a Scottish Pagan Federation approved Celebrant, like us), or a Registrar, performs the ritual.


The choice is yours


This means that legal weddings can, in effect, take place anywhere you want: a stone circle, a beach by moonlight, a dappled woodland … you are NOT restricted solely to religious or civil buildings. A commonly shared theme for many couples is a reverence for nature, so a wedding at an outdoor site with particularly stunning views, in a liminal or threshold place, or with archaeological or historical interest, can really enhance the sacredness of the occasion.  


Popular wedding sites in Orkney


Orkney is the perfect place to get married! A group of islands just off the north-east coast of Scotland, Orkney is full of ancient sites which resonate with the power of the ancestors, enigmatic historic ruins, and some of the most stunning natural environments in the world.  


A popular choice is The Ring of Brodgar – the third largest stone circle in Britain, about 5000 years old and situated between the lochs of Harray and Stenness, and studded with purple heather – a very peaceful site, with just the call of water-birds and the lapping of the lochs as background sound.  


There are woodlands, beaches of clean sand which are often deserted, wild moorlands, windswept hills, and cliffs that are usually full of nesting sea-birds. All of these venues are suitable if you would prefer a natural environment. If you choose a seashore setting, you will probably have an audience of seals all curious to see what is happening!


There are also plenty of superb indoor venues which we would be delighted to advise on. In the event of stubbornly poor weather it is possible to decide on the day, or even at the last minute, to move to an indoors venue – so please don't worry about getting drenched!  


Never been to Orkney?


If you don't know Orkney too well, then simply describe to us the type of site you dream of getting married at, and we’ll advise you on what’s available … why not start by browsing the photographs on this site for inspiration or considering some of the sites listed on Helen's Blog?


Is anywhere not available?


Please don't ask us to conduct a ritual anywhere that is unsafe or where access to the public is generally denied.  We are happy to advise on this.


We are not able to obtain permission to perform ceremonies at sites which are owned or managed by other religious faiths.  Likewise, out of respect to other religious faiths, we will not ask to perform rituals in any site owned or managed by them; although we are honoured if ever invited by them to do so.  Please note that this specifically means we are NOT able to conduct ceremonies in the Italian Chapel and / or St Magnus Cathedral.


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Altar set up at the Ring of Brodgar - waiting for the bride and groom to arrive

Where can you hold your ceremony?