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Your choice of date and time


We offer complete flexibility as to the timing of your ritual: couples can get married WHEN they want – from before dawn to after sunset, any day of the week!


Our whole day is dedicated to you


Our policy is to only ever perform a maximum of one wedding ritual per day – any more and we could not give the ceremonies the attention to detail that we aim to provide.


What about the weather?


We appreciate that many people seeking a ceremony of the type which we offer will probably want an outside venue and, as your marriage licence is valid for the entire day, we can usually work with you to ensure that we are available for a suitable “weather window” even if it requires a little waiting around! The weather is constantly changing in Orkney – it just sometimes needs a little patience, but to ensure the best possible weather, we perform a SkullSplitter libation.


Popular dates


Please note that popular dates do tend to get booked up well in advance (beginning of May and the Summer Solstice are always very popular, as are Saturdays). But we will always try to accommodate last minute requests for rituals, so please do ask!


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Dawn wedding - just before sunrise on a beach in Orkney, waiting for the bride and groom to arrive.

When can you hold your ceremony?