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Our fees for weddings, and other relationship blessing rituals, are usually in the range £300-£500, occasionally less. We rarely charge in excess of this unless there is considerable travel involved.


Our ceremonies are all priced individually, in full communication with you, and our final fee will be itemised and will depend on your requirements, taking into account the following:

  • the amount of preparatory work

  • our travel expenses & time

  • number & location of venues we are asked to attend (ceremonies can take place at more than one venue)

  • popular days & times of year (such as Beltaine & midsummer)

  • provision of witnesses (applies to legal weddings only)

  • our photography service (if requested)

  • number of guests attending

  • any "extras" such as (but not limited to): providing food / drink / tobacco / incense / mini-besoms / handfasting cords / wedding favours or gifts for guests / handmade rune or ogham sets / loan or provision of ritual clothing or artefacts / loan of decorated broomstick

  • any other special or unusual requests

  • your budget


Our fees include as standard:

  • our time to write your bespoke ceremony, plus our preparation time, including all correspondence and communication

  • delivery of the ritual on the day (usually we both attend)

  • a pre-ceremony meeting to ensure that everything will be to your exact requirements, we don't rush this initial meeting but rather we go over the finer details of your ritual so that it is perfect for you - it also gives you an opportunity to get to know us a bit better, hence reducing those "wedding nerves" on the actual day

  • a SkullSplitter libation to request good weather

  • your choice of altar cloth (loaned to you from our selection)

  • a mead toast from a quaich

  • small candle (in a lamp)

  • appropriate incense

  • a wildflower posy for the altar (when seasonally available from our own land,  

        otherwise purchased flowers)

  • a honey cake as a gift for the spirits of the place




When setting our fees we have sought to balance our desire to ensure our service is accessible for everyone against our need for adequate recompense for the amount of time and care that rituals take to design, plan and perform. Every ceremony we perform usually involves approximately three day's work for both of us in terms of organisation and planning - there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly!


Please note that, other than the fees we charge, we receive no money, payments, stipends, allowances, or similar from any organisation, religious or otherwise, in order to provide this service to you.


Our policy is to only ever perform a maximum of one ritual per day - any more and we could not give the ceremonies the attention to detail that we aim to provide. This means that the whole of our day is booked for your ceremony (unless explicitly stated and agreed with you in advance) - just in case you need to alter the time of your ritual.


To ensure that everything goes according to your plans and to minimise misunderstandings, we recommend that you plan ahead and communicate with us as much as possible, we will do likewise with you. We want your ceremony to be perfect for you, as long as you tell us what you want, we will do everything we can to deliver.


Still too expensive?


If none of the above appeals to you - please contact us - this particularly applies if you want a very simple or basic ceremony. We will always try to tailor our services to match your requirements and budget on request. Promise!


Legal weddings and relationship Blessing rituals included as a minor part of one of our open rituals are available to couples at a reduced fee but further conditions will apply. Please contact us to discuss this.


Other rituals - such as baby-namings, funerals and other life-rituals - start from £100.  


When using this web-site, please refer to our disclaimers, copyrights, and limitation of liabilities as detailed on our contract page.

Altar and decorated broomstick at the Standing Stones of Stenness.

Costs & Fees

Crystal and wildflowers on the lightening struck stone at the Ring of Brodgar